Ethical Guidelines for Orthobiologics

Neokine is siding with science-based medicine. An Ethical approach is missing in many practices, claiming the correct use of biologics. We like and support the principles laid out by Dr Centeno of Regenexx stated below. Background: As providers who use orthobiologics to treat our patients, we have observed unethical behavior and advertising that isn’t consistent with best physician …

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Re-Awakened. What it feels like to experience sexual rejuvenation.

The Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian and writer Elie Weisel once wrote, “The opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference.” When it comes to relationships and the manifestation of love between partners, sometimes the opposite of sex is not just a choice of abstinence, or an occasional “headache” or being too tired, but real indifference. Not …

Re-Awakened. What it feels like to experience sexual rejuvenation.Read More »