EnPLAF For Podiatry And Wound Healing

EnPLAF based therapies can be effectively used for several podiatry problems including ankle pain, bunion, foot pain, bone spur heel spurs, and flat feet among others. EnPLAF is highly effective therapy for foot and diabetic ulcers, and for wound healing. It merges cutting edge technology with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, naturally accelerating the stages of wound healing and therefore aides in faster healing of acute injuries and chronic conditions. When used along-with corrective surgical procedures, EnPLAF therapies shorten the time to recovery significantly, getting you back on your feet sooner. Our therapies allow for faster healing, reduced risk, and a more prompt return to normal activities.

Convenient, safe, cost-effective and highly efficacious therapy options for podiatry problems as well as wound healing that can stimulate faster healing and regeneration as well as reduce pain, and inflammation are needed. EnPLAF is the solution because it addresses several aspects of the healing process including inflammation, cell proliferation and regeneration.

Our feet are the base on which we stand; they balance us, propel us forward and help us do our everyday activities. Anyone who has ever had a foot injury knows how vital good foot health can be to living a normal life. So the faster one can heal their sore feet from trauma, non-healing wounds and other podiatry issues, the better off life can be.

EnPLAF For Podiatry Conditions

EnPLAF therapies are highly useful as an adjuvant therapy during corrective surgery for several Podiatry problems including

  • Bunion a common, inherited, progressive problem of the great toe  joint where the first metatarsal bone spreads outward

EnPLAF And Wound Healing

EnPLAF therapies are very effective to heal wounds that are not healing. It can be used in treating many types of wounds that are caused by cuts, burns, trauma, infection, blisters, diabetic ulceration, etc. Diabetes is a disease that can cause serious problems because of reduced circulation, impaired balance, 

EnPLAF Is Better Than PRP For Podiatry And Wound Healing Problems

Over the years, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been widely used to accelerate healing in these conditions. However, PRP injections are very painful. Preparation process and the PRP product itself is quite variable from company to company. And there are limitations to storage due to the fact that PRP starts losing activity within short-time of it being prepared.

NeoKine Laboratories’ EnPLAF therapy combines cutting-edge regenerative processes with all the benefits of PRP without its drawbacks (Advantages of ENPLAF). The purpose of EnPLAF is to enhance healing and relieve pain in injured areas of the body. And it does all without chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind.

EnPLAF is safe. It is more effective than any conventional therapies currently available. Combining EnPLAF with surgical therapies for Podiatry problems leads to faster healing and decreases the recovery time significantly.

Considerations Before And After EnPLAF Therapy

Since EnPLAF is naturally derived from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of having an allergic reaction or any significant side effects from EnPLAF administration. Certain factors such as smoking and alcohol intake, which provoke free radical formation in the body, diminish effect of the therapy. Avoiding these will increase the success of the procedure. A complete list of general contraindications for EnPLAF therapy can be found here (Contraindications).

The number of EnPLAF therapies a patient needs will be determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s condition. The patient may need one or more EnPLAF therapies depending on their condition. NeoKine offers packages for multiple EnPLAF to be given over time, but for most packages patients will have to give blood only once because EnPLAF products can be stored for future use. From a single blood draw NeoKine can prepare multiple EnPLAF therapies (as indicated by the doctor depending on patient condition), then store them for future use.

Generally, patients can expect gradual improvement starting the first two weeks after EnPLAFadministration. The complete effect of the procedure will be known within three to six weeks after the last EnPLAF administration, depending on an individual’s healing capacity.

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