EnPLAF Treatments For Sexual Health

Good sexual health is essential to a normal, healthy life. Regular sexual activity adds vigor and vitality to life as well as important cardio benefits which invigorate the body and stimulate the mind. The reasons behind losing sexual drive, functionality and performance are much varied. The most common is aging, which effects everyone eventually. But disease, surgical procedures and various drug regimens can also cause loss of sexual desire and the ability to perform with a sexual partner in a satisfactory manner for both men and women. Whatever the reason, loss of sexual health can be disastrous and may lead to relationship issues.

EnPLAF Enhances Sexual Health

The benefits of a healthy enjoyable sex life are numerous and far reaching. Relationships are enhanced when intimacy is present. By introducing the body’s own Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAF) into the patient at the source sexual organ, the results are astounding. Rejuvenation can begin to quickly return both the penis in men and vagina in women to their youthful levels of desire and stamina. Erections in males are stronger, larger, and last longer. In females libido, sensitivity, lubrication, and the ability to orgasm are restored. EnPLAF can be the key to a sexual re-awakening for both men and women.
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Sexual Health Issues In Males

As they age, males often notice a decrease in sensation and satisfaction, erectile strength and sustainability. Erectile penile dysfunction can be caused due to certain diseases that affect the blood vessels or …

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Sexual Health Issues In Females

Common sexual health issues in women as they age include a decrease in sexual desire, less pleasurable orgasms, loosening of the vaginal opening, decreased natural lubrication, sagging skin ….

EnPLAF Is Better Than PRP For Sexual Health

Recently, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used to treat sexual health issues. However, PRP injections are very painful. Preparation process and the PRP product itself is quite variable from company to company. And there are limitations to storage due to the fact that PRP starts losing activity within hours of it being prepared.

NeoKine Laboratories’ EnPLAF therapy combines cutting-edge regenerative processes with all the benefits of PRP without all of its drawbacks (Advantages of ENPLAF). Our EnPLAF products, in contrast to PRP, already contains activated concentrated bioactive factors; therefore it doesn’t require extrinsic activation. EnPLAF can be stored for long periods of time without losing potency and thus can be administered when most convenient for the patient and doctor. Because EnPLAF does not contain any live cells, even if EnPLAF is left standing for very long it will not coagulate either before or after injection. Most importantly, EnPLAF injections are completely painless. The purpose of EnPLAF is to enhance sexual health. And it does all without chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind. EnPLAF is safe and more effective than any conventional treatments currently available.

Considerations Before And After Therapy

Since EnPLAF is naturally derived from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of having an allergic reaction or any significant side effects from EnPLAF administration. Certain factors such as smoking and alcohol intake, which provoke free radical formation in the body, diminish effect of the treatment. Avoiding these will increase the success of the procedure. A complete list of general contraindications for EnPLAF treatment can be found here (Contraindications).

The number of EnPLAF therapies a patient needs will be determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s condition. NeoKine offers packages for multiple EnPLAF to be given over time, but for most packages patients will have to give blood only once because EnPLAF products can be stored for future use. From a single blood draw NeoKine can prepare multiple EnPLAF therapies, then store them for future use. Generally, patients can expect improvement starting the first two weeks after EnPLAF. The complete effect of the procedure will be known within three to four weeks after the last EnPLAF, depending on an individual’s body’s healing capacity.

EnPLAF is a non-surgical, non-invasive, non-drug treatment for sexual issues that uses the body’s own growth and healing factors to give new life and youthful vigor to people who are not ready or willing to give up a healthy sex life. The whole process takes only a few hours total. The results can last a long time. Rejuvenating your sexual health can give you a whole new lease on life, and turn your relationship around. Couples report feeling tremendous happiness and contentment from their renewed sexual activity. They also report a closeness, or bonding, that they have not felt in possibly a very long time. Now, EnPLAF brings success to both women and men with a solution that is safe, tested and highly effective.

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