EnPLAF And Wound Healing

EnPLAF therapies are very effective to heal wounds that are not healing. It can be used in treating many types of wounds that are caused by cuts, burns, trauma, infection, blisters, diabetic ulceration, etc. Diabetes is a disease that can cause serious problems because of reduced circulation, impaired balance, numbness, ulcers, wounds and the non-ability to heal properly. With more and more of the population living with diabetes, maintenance of health is critical. Wound care involves the proper cleaning, wound dressing and therapy of the affected area by a wound specialist until the wound is completely healed.

Chronic non-healing ulcers due to any of the above causes are a big problem. When EnPLAF is injected into areas of chronic ulceration, it merges cutting edge technology with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, naturally accelerating the healing processes and therefore aides in faster and complete healing. Since EnPLAF is naturally derived from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk of having an allergic reaction or any significant side effects from EnPLAF administration.

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