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What is Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAF™)

Introducing the new non-cellular blood derived growth factors Enriched Platelet Therapy that can heal and regenerate without drugs.

What is EnPLAF? 

October, 2017

As technology advances in the biological science realm, new therapies and protocols are being discovered. Rapid advances in the field of regenerative medicine offer so much hope for so many. When a new therapy such as EnPLAF comes along, there is much reason to be excited. What is EnPLAF you may ask? EnPLAF stands for Enriched Platelet Factors. This technology derives and utilizes the growth factors found in platelets, which are cells found in blood. As PRP therapy became an area of interest decades ago (PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma), it was discovered that these platelets can be concentrated by spinning in a centrifuge to augment their healing properties. When reinjected into a damaged area of the body, a healing effect often occurred. PRP therapy has been used for many indications. However, as promising as this therapy seemed initially, the results for this Therapy have been inconsistent. Why this inconsistency, you may ask? The answer lies in the fact that each platelet cell is a bit of an unknown. No standards exist for knowing the concentration of growth factors within PRP. This great fluctuation in the healing effects of Platelet Rich Plasma, led to inconsistent results. Also, since Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is cellular it has many drawbacks and that makes it inconvenient and inconsistent to work with. PRP is still widely used today with mixed results. This is where Enriched Platelet Factors Therapy is different. EnPLAFis the next generation of blood based growth factors therapy. The scientists at NeoKine Labs have found a way to extract and isolate the growth factors from platelets, concentrating them in a highly potent non-cellular product. Because Enriched Platelet Therapy is non-cellular and contains only growth factors, it can be stored and used at a later time. PRP on the other hand has to be immediately reinjected into the body. Since the growth factor quantities can be measured, Enriched Platelet Factors Therapy is exponentially more effective and lasts far longer than traditional PRP treatment.

Role of Growth Factors in our body

The cells in our body perform a variety of functions mostly in conjunction with other cells of the body. Our cells are capable of effectively communicating with one another through molecules called as growth factors and cytokines. These molecules are biologically active factors that the cells use to communicate with each other either by directly releasing it on each other or into the blood stream (autocrine, paracrine or endocrine). Therefore, these biologically active factors are essentially messengers that direct and help the cells do their required functions. These factors in fact pretty much define what the target cells should do. Their commands could lead the cells to grow, multiply and produce new cells, or even produce cell death if that cell is old and unwanted (something called as ‘programmed cell death’ or ‘apoptosis’).

NeoKine has developed the method of deriving beneficial biological factors (Enriched Platelet Factors) directly from patient’s blood. During natural healing of an injury (acute or chronic) it is possible that beneficial factors are not always available in required numbers at the injured site, whereby healing is either delayed, or it never occurs. By delivering Enriched Platelet Factors to the affected area we can help to augment the natural healing process which then stimulates faster healing and regeneration as well as reduce pain, and inflammation. 

This new non-cellular technology provides much hope indeed to eliminate many common maladies so integral to the human condition. Through these advanced treatments like EnPLAF, human being can lead healthy vital lives well into their advanced years. With health and vitality being the goal, we can not only live our lives more functionally, but we can also thrive.

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