Are we living in the age of Modern Medical Miracles?

If giving birth wasn’t the most extraordinary “medical miracle” we have ever seen, bringing twins, triplets or quadruplets into the world, most certainly is. But birthing obviously isn’t a modern phenomenon. Our ancient ancestors relied on instinct and earliest techniques to give life to the next generation. The modern part of childbirth centers around calculation, prediction, and consistency. Ultra-sounds deliver proof of well-being of the offspring in the mother’s womb itself, prompting interventions to ensure birth of a healthy baby.
Over the course of recorded medicine, there have been countless medical breakthroughs, and probably as many forgeries, phonies, and frauds as there have been genuine advances. Identifying and describing the DNA double helix and unlocking the genetic code, the discovery of penicillin, the Polio vaccine, the X-Ray, the MRI, statin drugs, organ transplants, antibiotics, cloning, even the home pregnancy test are just a few game-changing medical breakthroughs. And most have occurred within the past century!!!
The list of recorded medical frauds goes back to “snake oil salesmen” traveling the country putting on medical miracle shows in small towns, selling their largely useless wares, and then disappearing off into the night. There have also been countless medical devices guaranteed to make their users taller, smarter, thinner or more romantic. Today, just turn on your television or surf the web for a bit and you will witness scores of “miracle” fixes. The “recently discovered” miraculous healing powers of nuts and berries, powders that will build muscle, diabetic wonder drugs that allow diabetes sufferers to eat anything, anytime and never worry about watching what they eat again. If it seems too easy, it probably is for a reason. It doesn’t work.
A real modern miracle is never one that has been “instantly” discovered. A true breakthrough is always the result of years of study, countless tests, successes, failures, repetition and challenges even before it is introduced as a diagnostic or therapeutic intervention. By the time a real medical advancement is brought to the public’s attention, there have been virtually countless tests and studies done and repeated. True scientists want to have their “breakthrough” verified to the core before it goes from bench to bedside.
Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAF™) is a novel concept in which the growth and healing factors found in one’s own blood can be isolated, harvested and re-injected back into one’s own body to enhance healing, regeneration and provide pain relief without chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind. EnPLAF™ based therapies provide convenient, safe, cost-effective and highly efficacious therapy options for patients in several therapeutic areas including orthopedics and pain, podiatry and wound healing, aesthetics, sexual health, and dentistry.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used in several therapeutic areas described above. But PRP has several drawbacks which limits its utility. Although EnPLAF™ is a newer technology, it is tested and proven to be better than PRP in several ways. It clearly addresses the limitations that PRP presents. EnPLAF™ based therapies use ‘the power of yourself’ to provide a viable non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to suffering patients. Check out the EnPLAF™ technology page for more information about how EnPLAF™ works, how it can benefit you, and how to connect with a clinic that offers this truly breakthrough treatment.

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