Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic degenerative condition, affecting articular hyaline cartilage (cartilage that covers the ends of bones and provides a cushion as well as a slick surface for movement). Osteoarthritis occurs when this cartilage starts to wear down. Although most common in the knee joint, Osteoarthritis can occur in other joints like shoulder, hip as well. As a result, the bones rub together, causing pain, swelling and loss of function; such as stiffness or reduced range of motion in the joints. Osteoarthritis accounts for profound morbidity, pain and health care expenses and is a major cause of disability. The consequences to the individual and to the population as a whole are very significant, particularly within the aging population with an estimated prevalence of 10% of the world’s population age 60 years and older. Conventional therapies for Osteoarthritis include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), injections of corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory hormones) into the joint, injections of hyaluronic acid (lubricant) into the joint, topical creams and gels, braces, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy. These therapies for Osteoarthritis only address the symptoms, and do nothing to cure the disease. Surgical interventions include Arthroscopy, Osteotomy or Arthroplasty (Joint replacement) that are invasive, complicated and expensive. There are very few validated interventions that improve the clinical condition of a patient once the degenerative process becomes symptomatic.

Advantages Of EnPLAF Osteoarthritis Treatment

Given the lack of response of the body’s healing mechanisms to degenerative conditions in general, introduction of stimuli in form of growth factors from platelets is quite promising. Recent clinical studies indicate improved functional outcomes and efficacy of platelet growth factors for osteoarthritis. EnPLAF Osteoarthritis therapies are far less invasive and much less expensive than surgery. It heals tissue with minimal or no scarring and alleviates further degeneration of the tissues and can lessen the severity of arthritis. As it is an individualized therapy for each patient, it can be customized according to the specific need of the patient. Thus EnPLAF is an excellent non-invasive alternative to conventional therapies for osteoarthritis.
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