Re-Awakened. What it feels like to experience sexual rejuvenation.

The Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian and writer Elie Weisel once wrote, “The opposite of love is not hate. It’s indifference.”

When it comes to relationships and the manifestation of love between partners, sometimes the opposite of sex is not just a choice of abstinence, or an occasional “headache” or being too tired, but real indifference. Not necessarily indifference to one’s partner. Strong bonds of love can exist in a relationship without sexual sharing. But indifference to the sexual experience itself.

A healthy sex life is part of a healthy relationship building process. It is also a healthy exercise – period. The cardio benefits alone are worth the effort. In addition, it is just plain fun. Moreover, the emotional connection can be vital to maturing a relationship. Even one that has lasted for a lifetime.

Losing interest in sex can be a naturally occurring event. Aging, blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases and the medications associated with these, other natural occurrences can cause a loss of sexual desire, stamina, and the ability to a perfectly loving couple to be left feeling like there is something deeply wrong with their relationship on an emotional level. Males may find it harder to get and keep an erection. Females may experience pain when having sex or find that their bodies are producing less than needed lubrication. Both males and females may feel that it is just too much effort to make it worth trying.

There have been a few medical solutions offered, mostly for males. Viagra, Cialis, and their equivalents have been on the market for a number of years but they come with a number of side effects. Being flushed, drops in blood pressure to name a few. In addition, the list of dangers and side effects in the commercials makes the average TV spot seem to run for at least 5 minutes. Probably the most painful side effect is the cost. Moreover, the fact that one has to take one of these whenever one feels like planning to have sex in an hour or so.

Now, the scientists at NeoKine have developed a proprietary method of treatment for sexual issues that uses one’s own blood cells to drive growth and healing factors that when introduced back into a person’s sex organ (males or females), brings about great results. Libido increases in both sexes. Males experience youthful erections and stamina that has not been part of their lives for years. Females have increased levels of desire.

These wonder factors are called EnPLAF (Enriched Platelet Factors) and are completely natural, derived from one’s own blood cells (so zero chance of allergic reaction), virtually pain-free, and takes a couple of hours in the doctor’s office. EnPLAF is the only treatment of this type to use only the growth and healing factors found in platelets without any live cells; a product that is superior to current treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

The results have been very successful. Men find that they can get and keep an erection that lasts as long as they used to. The urge to have sex returns to youthful levels. In addition, for women, stimulated libido, increase in the desire to have sex, and pain-free intercourse. The thesis of this blog is “what it feels like to experience sexual rejuvenation.” In truth, only you can know what that feel is like. Nevertheless, with the EnPLAF treatment from NeoKine, you can find out. See the section on ‘Sexual Health’ for a deeper understanding of just how this therapy can work wonders for you.

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