Every last one of our colleagues speak to the soul of our organization: committed, driven, and intensely mindful of how boundless Neokine’s potential is to grow. We put everything on the line to recognize gifted people with differing knowledge and ranges of abilities to create not only a viable workforce, but rather a balanced, skilled and complementary team.

Dr. Nishit Pancholi MD, MS

Chief Executive Officer, NeoKine Laboratories Inc.

Dr. Pancholi has extensive basic and clinical research experience. He has to his credit several scientific papers published in the areas of stem cells, repair and regeneration. He has prepared and presented data at several scientific conferences. Through his research on stem cells, Dr. Pancholi has been able to elucidate the importance of growth factors in healing and regeneration. He is also the Founder Vice-President of VivaStem Laboratories LLC, a biotechnology pioneer in the stem cell fluid technology. Along-with being very well versed with the knowledge of GCP, GMP, and GLP, he is a strategic thinker and effective leader with proven success in developing clinical strategies for various indications. Dr. Pancholi has a passion for bringing affordable, effective therapies to the forefront of clinical medicine and is working tirelessly towards achieving this goal. Founding NeoKine Laboratories to bring Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAF) from bench to bedside is a huge step in that direction.

Dr. Nathan Katz PhD, HCLD

Chief Operating Officer, NeoKine Laboratories Inc.

Dr. Katz has 20 years’ experience in a field of stem cells, human biology and genetics, with a solid background in commercialization of scientific achievements in this area. He is recognized as one of most experienced professionals practicing single cell micro-manipulation, nuclear transfer and genetic diagnosis. His record includes top notch peer-reviewed publications and dozens of scientific presentations. He is involved in commercial projects around the world utilizing his professional knowledge and experience, promoting new methodological approaches in private markets. Being involved daily in clinical embryology, Dr. Katz has been exposed to field of embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells came into focus of attention as less controversial and potentially powerful source for tissue regeneration. His personal experience and leadership are key factors that led to founding and early success of Jointechlabs Inc., stem cells technology venture. He is also the co-founder and scientific director of NeoKine Laboratories.

Affiliated Doctors

Dr. Emily Chatskis, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Emily Chatskis is a board certified physician with more than 20 years of experience in Internal Medicine and over 10 years of experience in Wound Care. She is currently the Medical Director of the Wound Care center at Condell Hospital in Libertyville, IL where she treats diabetic, arterial, chronic, non-healing wounds. She is also currently affiliated with Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Her current interest and specialization lies with in-office procedures such as joint injections, dermatological procedures, cosmetic procedures, and wound debridement.

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505 N. Wolf Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090
Tel: (847) 520-2920

Rufina Kraychik


Rufina Kraychik is a Canadian Medical Spa pioneer and world-renowned aesthetic expert with 35 years of experience in delivering remarkable results in battling cellulite, reversing aging, enhancing women’s beauty and boosting health. Rufina introduced concept of medical spa in Vancouver, British Columbia in the mid-90s where she, until 2014 was running a very successful a well-known Rufina’s European Skin & Body Clinic, offering discerning locals and Hollywood celebrities state-of- the-art comprehensive skin & body treatments. These advanced services were delivered on most advanced medical spa technology and were personalized to produce amazing results in battling cellulite, providing circumferential reduction, and reversing the sign of aging. Rufina was featured in the TV Series “I Am an Expert” in her own segment “How to Look Attractive Every Day with Rufina Kraychik.” Rufina was nominated 3 times for “Business Woman of the Year” in Vancouver and Richmond, BC. Prior to making Canada her home, Rufina worked in Europe for Christian DiorTM, Nina RicciTM, and Estee LauderTM. Author of two top-selling books in Russian on women’s beauty secrets. Winner of various international aesthetic completions and awards she was featured article in numerous women magazines Business expert and spa consultant.

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RUFINA Anti-Aging Center
55 Avenue Rd., Suite 2000, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3L2, Canada.
Tel: +1.416.519.3466

Dr. Anthony Spitz, DPM, PC

Podiatric Physician and Surgeon

Dr. Anthony Spitz is podiatric physician and surgeon with 24 years of experience, with podiatric practices in both Wheeling, IL and Chicago. A member of the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery, Dr. Spitz holds a certificate from the Wenske Laser Center on the “Current and Future Application of the Laser in Podiatric Medicine and Cutaneous Disease”. Dr. Spitz has extensive experience treating patients with bone fractures, arthritis and soft tissue injuries. Dr. Spitz uses unique minimally invasive techniques without visible scarring under local anesthesia. Under Dr. Spitz, you will receive the highest quality podiatric care. He sees it as his mission to educate our patients about their treatment options and to help guide them to choose a treatment plan that is most suitable and appropriate for their needs.

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505 N. Wolf Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090
Tel: (847) 550-3461

2921 W Devon St Chicago, IL, 60659
Tel: 224-676- 3153

Dr. Olga Zarkh, M.D.

Internal Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine

Dr. Olga Zarkh specializes in Internal Medicine and Cosmetic Medicine with more than 28 years’ experience in the field. Dr. Zarkh did her residency training from Boston, MA after graduating from the Vitebsk Medical Institute, Vitebsk, Belarus. She has her medical services and cosmetic medicine clinic in Buffalo Grove, IL which makes it convenient and accessible to everyone in the Chicago area. She is also affiliated with Northwest Community Hospital. Dr. Zarkh is devoted to medical and cosmetic excellence and her practice strives for ultimate patient satisfaction and remarkable results.

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1401 W. Dundee Road, Suite 202 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, USA
Phone: 847-818- 7700

Dr. Ron Arbel, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Ron Arbel serves as the Director of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic surgery service in Tel Aviv Surasky Medical Centre, Tel Aviv. Dr. Arbel is the Team Physician of the Israeli National Volleyball team and also serves as a consultant for some European sports team (football, basketball, ski, and athletics). He has served as the President of the Israeli society of Sports Medicine from 2003-2009. Dr. Arbel has practiced in the fields of arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy and USA (California, Mississippi and Utah) and is on the staff of Tel Aviv University faculty of medicine. He has had extensive training throughout his career, which includes a Fellowship in Traumatology and Sports Medicine and advanced courses in Arthroscopic techniques of the knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle as well as cartilage transplantation. He is an honorary member of Arthroscopic Association of North America- AANA and a fellow in the International Cartilage Repair Society (ICRS) as well as an international member in AAOS. He continues to show keen interest and involvement in novel biological treatment options for orthopedics and sports medicine

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Dr. Alex I. Rubin, M.D.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Researcher, innovator, scientist, published author, and board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Rubin has achieved international renown as a leading authority on 3-Dimentional restorations of skin and body features. He ranks as one of the world’s best-known skin restoration expert. Dr. Rubin pioneered the concept of maintaining and improving healthy skin in conjunction with treating and restoring surgical aesthetic conditions. In 2001 after finishing his fellowship at UCLA, Los Angeles USA, Dr. Rubin joined dermatology office of Dr. Zein Obagi in Beverly Hills, where he has developed a series of definitive prevention and maintenance programs that have revolutionized skin restoration treatments and contributed to our understanding of skin health. Now Dr. Rubin has offices located throughout the world. Dr. Rubin has trained and lectured to thousands of plastic surgeons and dermatologists at scientific forums worldwide; in addition, he provides clinical services and physician-training programs on-site at various medical centers in three continents. As a result, his principles for restoring skin health and simultaneously restoring aesthetic considerations today are considered the gold standard in skin and surgical care.

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Moscow, Russia
Tel: + 7 964 628 22 88

London, United Kingdom
Berlin, Germany

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